1. General
The manuscript that the author sends to the MAHAKIM editor is the author's original work and has never been published elsewhere. The manuscript is not in the process of being published in any scientific journal. It also will not be sent to any publisher while the MAHAKIM editor is reviewing it. The manuscript does not contain any unlawful, defamatory, or other statements and does not contain material that violates the personal rights or property rights of any other person or entity. Mahakim Journal accepts articles written in Indonesian, English, and Arabic.
2. Title Writing Rules
The title must be made in a straightforward and informative wording in the language used in the article (Indonesian, English, or Arabic). The font must be Times New Roman / Times New Arabic (if the article uses Arabic-Indonesian transliteration letters), 14 pt size, bold, Space 1, and capital letters (UPPERCASE). Then below the title is written the name of the author without using a title (starting from the first author, second, and so on horizontally) using Times New Roman font with a size of 12 pt, bold, space 1, and center alignment. The next line is followed by the name of the first author's institution. Next, the address of the first author's institution and the first author's email. Technical writing uses Times New Roman font, size 12, space 1, and center alignment.
3. Abstract Writing Rules
The abstract title is written using Times New Roman font size 12 pt, bold, and space 1. The abstract is written in English (Mandatory) and Indonesian and contains an overview or summary of an article from the research results. The Abstract in English must be italicized. The abstract should at least contain the objectives, brief method, and important findings. The abstract comprises only one paragraph consisting of 200 to 250 words. This abstract is written using space 1 with the font: Times New Roman with a size of 12pt. The beginning of the paragraph starts from 5 beats. The abstract is made concisely, clearly, intact, without references to literature, pictures, and tables, and completely describes the essence of the contents of the entire article. It is not recommended to translate with Google Translate. The keywords must represent the substance of the article. It is recommended that keywords do not use verbs or nouns; it is recommended to use phrases.
4. Writing Rules
a. Articles are written using word processing software such as Microsoft Word.
b. Manuscripts should be written in at least 20 to 25 pages (not including the bibliography) on A4 size paper (210 mm x 297 mm).
c. Margin uses size 2.0 cm (Top, Bottom, Right, Left)
d. Use Times New Roman / Times New Arabic font (if the article uses Arabic-Indonesian transliteration letters). With a size of 12 pt. 1.5. spacing.
5. Quotations, References, and bibliography
a. Citation uses the "Chicago Manual of Style" rule.
b. Quotes are in the footnote section.
c. It is recommended that authors use the Mendeley application, Zotero or other Reference tools to make it easier to make citations.
6. ARABIC – LATIN transliteration
The Arabic terms must be written using a transliteration style based on the Joint Decree of the Minister of Religion and the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia Number: 158 Th.1987 Number: 0543B/U/1987 Arabic-Latin Transliteration.
7. Additional information
If the author displays tables, pictures/graphs/charts, and the like to clarify the writing, they can be inserted directly into the substance of the writing. The title format of the table/graph/chart and the like is made in the Center & Bold format, which is placed above the table.